Why should voters choose you over your opponent(s)?

As a 27 year Springettsbury Township resident who is actively involved in the community, I believe that I bring the leadership, experience and professionalism qualities necessary to keep Springettsbury a great place to live, work and play.  My first hand involvement on the Planning Commission gives me experience and insights into the operation of the township that my opponents do not have.  As a Sr. Project Manager at The Hershey Company, I have delivered many multi-million dollar projects for the corporation requiring strong leadership and budgeting skills.  As a Scoutmaster, I have taken a troop that was ready to fold for lack of involvement to a vibrant troop that has mentored over 18 Eagle Scouts.  As a member of St. Joseph’s Parish, I have been a Lector for the last 15 years, started the fellowship ministry with my wife Maria, and taught Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.  I have no personal agenda in seeking this office, just the vested interest in our community that we all share.  Vote for me, Mark Swomley on November 5th and together we can “Keep Springettsbury Great”.

What is the biggest issue facing your municipality, and how would you address it?

When I am out in the community speaking with our residents, there is one common theme that they tell me challenges them in their daily lives: Traffic.  One of the most important things I will focus on as a supervisor is the development of a traffic plan as part of the upcoming comprehensive plan.  By contrast, when I am in the business community discussing their challenges, they often mention the burden of regulations and difficult relationships with township officials.  During my tenure on the Planning Commission, I have been one of the biggest advocates of improved traffic and reduced regulations and I have worked to create an atmosphere of cooperation with residents and businesses alike.  I worked to streamline the process for small subdivisions, worked closely with our citizens to improve and simplify  ordinances and helped block provisions of a County proposed storm-water ordinance that would have put undue burdens on our community.

How do you propose to balance the municipal budget without putting further tax burden upon the residents?

Springettsbury has operated with a balanced budget and has not raised taxes on its residents in over 9 years.  Standard and Poor's recently upgraded Springettsbury to an A+ rating, which is considered investment grade, because of our strong capacity to meet financial commitments.  I will protect our resident’s taxpayer dollars by continuing to implement strong budget controls using the skills I have developed over a long career as a Department Manager at BMY, as a Sr. Project Manager at the Hershey Company and as a small business owner here in York County.  I will promote business opportunities through suitable development and redevelopment of commercial properties with the understanding that business taxes collected by the township are a major source of the revenues that operate our vibrant community.